Building the Lab
December 8, 2022

Thank you for an amazing 2022! Hello 2023.

Thank you for an amazing 2022! Hello 2023.

Thank you, everyone, for your incredible support of RCL. From IDL to RCL - your support has meant the world to us! We’re so excited to continue to grow this amazing community in 2023. For now, here’s a recap of some 2022 RCL highlights.

We evolved from IDL to RCL!

We launched this amazing community in 2021 as Inclusion Design Lab on a mission to make Inclusive Design, Accessibility, and other related topics the standard in design and not niche topics. Since we launching and thanks to the overwhelming support from the community, we quickly realized there was an opportunity for us to expand our reach and mission. That's why we relaunched as Rita Creative Lab. To learn more about our evolution, click here to read our relaunch blog post.

1,000 Discord members!

Our goal was to hit 1,000 Discord members in 2022 - and we did! Can we double that in 2023? :)

150+ seminar registrations!

Including attendees from ALL over the world! Special shoutout to those who attended more than one seminar in 2022! And thank you everyone for your patience as we experimented A LOT with our monthly seminars this year, sometimes taking breaks to try out different approaches and methods. Expect a BIG relaunch of RCL Seminars in 2023!

15 seminars!

Speaking of seminars, we hosted many amazing seminars this year including...

  • Introduction to Psychology in Design for Tech & Design Beginners
  • Intro to Accessibility for Tech & Design Beginners
  • Intro to Frontend Development
  • Introduction to UX Research for Tech & Design Beginners
  • Intro to Building a Design Plan from Scratch

14 free events!

In order to provide as much value to as many audiences, we're committed to hosting free events to our community members. We hosted 14 amazing events on our Discord server - a place for our community free and open to all! With that said, expect more free monthly events. Our goal in 2023 is to host 2 free events a month each featuring inspiring guest speakers all year long. We hope you'll join us!

And futuristic audio vibes provided by Rita Radio all year long!

We'll definitely hit 100 Rita Radio playlists in 2023. We hope you enjoyed the audio we provided vibes every week in 2022. Expect more sonic experiences from RCL next year!


And so much more including a big relaunch of our seminars, a sibling initiative to help beginners get tangible experience, free resources, and giveaways. We couldn’t do this without you. Stay tuned for more seminars, events, group projects, office hours, resources, and so much more. Thank YOU.

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Inclusion Design Lab circle logo with opening in the middleInclusion Design Lab circle logo with opening in the middle