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A Community for Creatives, Technologists, Designers, and Future Innovators

About the Lab

Rita Lab is a community for creatives, technologists, designers, and future innovators at the intersection of career, creativity, and culture.

Our mission is to make tech and design more diverse and inclusive by supporting diverse career seekers and promoting inclusive practices for technologists and designers.

We're motivated by the following:

• The technology, product, and design fields have not welcomed as many people as they can welcome
• Many talented individuals with technology, product, and design potential lack awareness and aren’t being properly reached and spoken to
• Generally speaking, the technology, product, and design fields aren't as accessible as they can be
• It’s hard for tech, product, and design beginners and career seekers to explore all the possible opportunities across all the fields
• While helpful, bootcamps don’t teach everything

What We Offer



Connect with an engaging Discord community where you can meet other tech, product, and design career seekers, collaborate on projects, join free events, and get all the support you need as pursue a career in tech and design.

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We host virtual and in-person events every month. Learn from our amazing guest speakers, experienced technologists, product experts, and designers and also connect with fellow creatives.

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Join our affordable 1-2 hour seminars held every month. Seminars cover a wide range of topics to help complement and further your tech, product, and design education. Our seminars are offered through both live and on-demand formats.

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We also offer affordable resources to further support the learning process of tech and design beginners. We share new resources multiple times a month which you can also receive straight to your inbox via our weekly newsletter, Rita FYI.

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We offer blog posts and articles to support the learning process of tech, product, and design beginners. We publish new content every month which you can receive straight to your inbox via our weekly newsletter, Rita FYI.

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Rita Lab meets at the intersection of career, creativity, and culture - which music is a big part of! So we offer weekly playlists for the creative, design, and tech community. Tune in every Monday morning for a new Rita Cue playlist.

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Meet the Team

Michael A

Founder & Instructor


Hola! My name is Miguel and I'm a Design Leader, Tech Strategist, and Educator from Brooklyn, NY. I have a background in Human-Computer Interaction and specialize in Design Leadership and management, Design Strategy, Process, and Operations, Inclusive Design and Accessibility, and Design Systems.

Fun Fact

I wake up at 4 AM every morning, I write in all capital letters, and I lived in Turkey!

Alana Caporale

Website Lead


I'm Alana - a Frontend Developer passionate about crafting unique digital experiences. My design, development, and user experience skills allow me to bring a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to every project I take on. I specialize in responsive design, intuitive UIs, and creating custom web solutions that can be tailored to any industry. With a Computer Science and Marketing background, I can identify trends and design solutions that engage and resonate with users.

Fun Fact

Some fun facts: I have 3 Chihuahuas, I was born in Europe, and I built my own custom PC!

Kristin Jaworowski

Creative Lead


Hi, I’m Kristin. I am a multifaceted creative with a wide range of interests. I have a diverse background starting as a designer, art director, and now transitioning to UX design. The past 13 years of my career have included roles both in-house and freelance, with experience working in large corporations all the way down to small studios. I love collaborating with other creatives and working on projects that have a larger social impact. I believe that art and design can play a powerful role in shaping our world and I'm always looking for new ways to push the boundaries of what is possible.

Fun Fact

In addition to my creative pursuits, I am also a yoga and meditation teacher. Some of the things I am passionate about include art, photography, dance, mentoring, nature, pitbulls (they are my heart!), reading, writing, and enjoying a nice cup of coffee. I love learning new things and constantly expanding my knowledge and skillset. I always try to challenge myself and grow.

Soya Han

Creative Support


Hey! I’m Soya, a UX Designer from California. After working in sales and marketing and in the legal field, I found that design offers an outlet for not only my creative needs, but also my desire to help others. My sociology and business background helps me be empathetic, while thinking logically and strategically.

Fun Fact

I love reading, taking photographs and going to see city skylines at night.

“Jimmy” Mario Barron Aguilar

Projects Lead


Hi I am Jimmy Barron - A UX/UI designer with interest in areas like behavorial psychology, marketing, project management and I enjoy using my skillsets to connect people together and change the narrative of the design and those who have access and exposure to this and other industries. My drive to be inclusive and pay attention to DEIA work also helps think about design in a more accessibility focused nature.

Fun Fact

Some fun facts about me is I have two pets. I help my parents cook amazing food on the weekend and I enjoy reading books on self improvement, design and/or memoirs while ham-mocking or visiting a quirky cafe in the north east neighborhoods of Minnesota.

Isabella Ramos

Social Media Lead


Hey! I'm a UX designer, born and raised in Brazil, but a New Yorker at heart. After years of working in corporate, the service industry, and even as a flight attendant, I've discovered that design offers the perfect outlet for my creative needs. I'm constantly seeking opportunities to utilize my skills and contribute to positive change in our community.

Fun Fact

In my free time, I enjoy taking photographs around my neighborhood, solving crosswords, and I'm deathly afraid of lizards and big dogs—unless they're covered in lots of fur.

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