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What is Rita Lab?

Rita Lab is a community for creatives, technologists, designers, and future innovators at the intersection of career, creativity, and culture.

Rita Lab offers tech, product, and design career seekers live and on-demand seminars, virtual and in-person events, resources, content, and more.

Our Team's Motivation

Make tech more diverse and inclusive by supporting diverse career seekers and promoting inclusive practices for technologists and designers.

We hope to become the go-to community for future innovators, creatives, hustlers, career changers, those with incredible potential and few resources or connections. Whether it’s someone who is looking to pursue a more purposeful career after not finding happiness in their current professional journey or whether it’s the kid from Brooklyn or the Bronx with all the potential in the world but limited guidance, we hope to help diverse career seekers find their path in the fields of tech and design.

What are our community stats?

Our community is growing fast.

  • Nearly 1,000 Discord server members
  • Nearly 1,000 Instagram followers
  • Around 500 unique seminar registrants
  • Around 25 seminars
  • 10+ Discord Talks events

While we're proud of our growing community, community stats isn't why we do what we do. We rather have a large impact on a few than have a small impact on many.

Our Collaboration Goals

At the end of the day, our goal is to inspire. Our community isn't a for-profit initiative. This is all about selflessly giving to the next generation of diverse technologists and designers.

With your help, we hope to...

  • motivate our community in general, specifically, diverse tech and design beginners.
  • provide a platform to share relatable stories that can inspire our community members.
  • nurture a more engaged and excited community to help them complete their journey.
  • continue to grow our community and welcome more diverse tech and design beginners.

Our Ideal Collaborators

While we're open to collaborating with anyone, see our list of nice-to-have's.

  • Diverse professionals/entrepreneurs/content creators/influencers/celebrities (generally, anyone in tech, design, or creative spaces)
  • Those passionate about inspiring the next generation of technologists, designers, and creatives.
  • Those open to dedicating 1-2 hours for a single collaboration

Are you down?

Let's do it! Email or let whoever reached out to you know that you're down to work together. Thank you in advance for your time and willingness to support our community.

Inclusion Design Lab circle logo with opening in the middleInclusion Design Lab circle logo with opening in the middle